Le posate non sono semplicemente appoggiate su questo accessorio dalla costruzione molto rigorosa – che può ricordare uno scolaposate – bensì ‘infilzate’ su delle lunghe e acuminate punte di acciaio inox. Come in “Dacci oggi il nostro pane quotidiano”, anche in questo lavoro la pericolosità è il primo aspetto che colpisce : il gesto di prendere una delle posate è da compiere con estrema attenzione, per non ferirsi.

60x40x10 cm
acciaio inox, ferro


The starting idea comes from the difference between those who have something to put in the dish and those who have not. People living in the “western world” are used to these tools, the cutlery; they use them with automatic gestures, the same way they feed themselves. For the one who has nothing to put in the dish, cutlery is a “frill”, with no function. Since we don’t actually “see” them, we use theese tools without thinking, so the idea is to change, turning cutlery into something useless or dangerous.
Unlike my previous work “Give us this day our daily bread” – where forks, knives, spoons are really useless or dangerous – in “S-Colaposate” these objects are not merely laid down on it – an iron construction that ironically reminds of a cutlery drainer – but rather pierced on long and sharp stainless steel points. Like in “Give us this day our daily bread”, in this work dangerousness strikes first : the act of grabbing a spoon has to be done with the utmost care, to not injure yourself. It becomes a gesture able to arouse the awareness of the meaning “to feed.”

60x40x10 cm
stainless steel, iron